Vaccine Services

Dispensing customized health advice and appropriate immunizations, vaccineNapier Travel Health will ensure you are prepared for travel whether it is work related, high adventure, visiting friends and relations or leisure travel to any destination in the world.

The first step in the process is a visit to the clinic for a consultation. Our Consultation appointment includes a medical screening of the traveler, customized travel advice for specific destinations, vaccine recommendations and administration, information on current disease outbreaks, travel alerts including  prevention strategies, precautions for altitude and time changes, safe food and water tips and Malaria and Yellow Fever maps. Dr Evans will provide prescriptions for travel needs.

Services are always adapting and improving to keep up with the varying changes in the vaccine world. We have expanded some our services to meet these demands including the following:


  • We provide off site group consultations and vaccine administration in locations around the province for schools and mission projects. Call 902 423 2455 for group rates.
  • We provide offsite intradermal rabies vaccine for groups of 6 or more. This is of particular benefit to students or staff working with animals.
  • We provide vaccines and health advice to students requiring assistance with secondary college or university admissions to health care programs.
  • We have developed a new online intake form for clients when booking an appointment.
  • We support clients with tension and anxiety related to injections. We use suggestions as currently recommended through research (Emla patches, distraction, relaxation therapy). This past year we assisted collecting research for a study at Dalhousie examining perceptions with adults anticipating injections.